Employee Policy

The company is not obligated to provide individual explanations of these policies to employees.Employees are kindly requested to read and understand these policies independently.

  1. Work Schedule
  • Sunday Work: The company’s standard working days are 6 days a week.Depending on individual job roles and project demands, some employees may be required to work on Sundays. 
  1. Work Arrangements
  • Work from Home: The company does not offer work-from-home options to employees. All employees are expected to perform their duties on-site. 
  1. Equipment Provision
  • Company Equipment: Employees are eligible to receive company-issued laptops or PCs only if it is explicitly mentioned in their appointment or job offer letter. Any additional equipment requests must only be approved by the management at the time of appointment.
  1. Communication
  • Structural or Company Information: Requests for structural or company-related information should be made through official email communication channels. The company will not provide such information verbally.
  • Leave Requests: Employees are required to submit all leave requests, including full-day or half-day leaves, exclusively through company email. Verbal leave requests will not be entertained.
  1. Leave Policy
  • Notice Period for Leave: Employees must provide prior notice for all leave requests. Taking a leave without sufficient prior notice may be considered a disrespect to the company, and such leave may be treated as unpaid.


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